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I uploaded this last night but was not able to stay awake long enough to wait for it load. YouTube can be that slow at times.

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I just tested this is if it would work and realized that there is still hope for my microphone upon discovering Google Hangout. I hope this would finally get the video marketing part of the business started since I have mentioned in some articles in the past how helpful video marketing could ever get for your business.


Come Again?


Some ads don't mind getting banned if it meant EVEN MORE exposure on social media anyway (hehehe)

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There really are instances where you end up getting clueless as to how Google functions to direct eyeballs to your blog. Although some friends online told me that there are still live human beings employed at Google to constantly keep an eye on fishy links that swarmed the search engine results page, there are times where you can tell that the technical side of this search engine is functioning and you simply have to find a way to make it work without violating anything.

This is why link-building became an interesting subject for me because Social Monkee can help me find a way to rank higher on the search engine results without having to rely on erotically graphic images that border on porn in order to grab everybody’s attention and generate traffic to my blog. I am relatively aware of how certain marketing videos go viral with the help of boobs and other body parts that you simply can’t unsee.

There! I enlarged it for you (the message, not the boobs)

If in local entertainment tabloid news items, celebrities try to hook up and get linked to popular and powerful people, bloggers and internet marketers establish links online too. (The hook up is optional but I’m not the right person to ask for that. I’m just here to enjoy my work.)

Link-building services work wonders for people in ways you don’t exactly expect especially if you pepper your articles with enough keywords to match some search engine queries currently typed online. And this is where the tricky part of blogging sets in when trying to market products online.

You need to include words that match trending topics (or at least try to find a connection).

Outside Twitter, trending topics go further into categories that you have to look up to knowing that some folks out there might be needing your products already. You just need to find a way how to make it look like it’s your online product all along that they have been looking.

For example, whenever you go online and see certain events worth blogging and switch into the technology category, you’d see a topic entitled “mobile blogging”. I have done this before with the help of a smart phone that could manage to send emails using the data plan I had months ago. I did it because at that time, my head is bursting with ideas and concepts that I’d love to write on paper but found a way to send it directly to my friend who manages by email. I don’t know if there are other writers who can relate to this but whenever I have a very intense light bulb moment, it will bug me for the rest of the night until I write it down, literary essay formats be damned.

Because emails can now be sent easily with the help of smart phones, I wrote it down regardless of the word count and apologized later to my friend if ever it went too long. You know when you’re ranting and you just don’t care if a few profane words got included. That was me. And so I sent it to her.

It worked. But I never did it again even if the possibility exists because I have a laptop at home now to use. Just in case the writing bug bites me on the ass again, I can simply face my laptop. If I am outside and the lightbulb moment occurred again, my smart phone’s notepad will handle the documentation for me.

Now that I have shared this story, all I have to do is reread this blog entry and I have keywords to use to match the trending topics listed at the Technology section of Yahoo. Social Monkee allows its registered users up to 8 tags to attach when trying to assemble backlinks for your latest blog entry discussing the possibility of blogging using your mobile phone. Post the link, the title and the 140 character (at least) article description with the 8 tags and then submit.

A Premium membership with Social Monkee makes it even better. Instead of 25 backlinks per day per 1 permalink submitted, you are allowed to submit 3 permalinks a day with each link generating 100 backlinks for you. That’s 300 backlinks a day. If you have a blog entry that is peppered enough with the keywords usually searched on Google plus tags on your permalink submissions and your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP for short) will improve in no time.

If you’re a blogger with something to share, you want to make sure it reaches as many individuals as possible, right?

There are a lot of amazing blogs available online but didn’t always get the benefit of being easily found simply because they haven’t found a way to make the SERP work for them. Registering to Social Monkee for the $7 one-time fee and the $47 upgrade free from silver to premium membership just makes it even better for your blog. And why the hell would you even want to rank higher on the SERP apart from finding fame and fortune online? You have something to sell, endorse or plug.

You don’t have to flash your boobs online anymore to make sure all eyeballs online are directed to you. Click here to avail of the backlinking services that Social Monkee has to offer and click my banner to subscribe to my newsletter. It pays to be updated with the latest marketing tactics and trends. Thanks for reading.


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